Dreamcatchers & Medicine Wheels

2 - 10 Inch Dreamcatchers & Medicine Wheels

Original deerskin American Indian Dreamcatchers & Medicine Wheels from Cactus Mountain are handmade with the finest materials available for the craft. Made of fine deerskin leather, beads, feathers, buttons, semiprecious stones and lace. Color of glass and stone beads may vary.

Legend of the Dreamcatcher - According to legend, dreams are messages from sacred spirits. Grandmothers traditionally weaved a small dreamcatcher to hang onto the cradleboard of a child. The dreamcatchers were made with prayers so that the good dreams were allowed to pass through the hole in the center while the bad dreams were trapped in the web until the morning sun at which time they would disappear.

The Medicine Wheel is a symbol for the teaching of balance, harmony and the brotherhood of man. Representing the wheel of life, the center cross symbolizes the four winds, four seasons, four directions and the four corners of the earth.

The Mandala is one of the most powerful American Indian items there is and originated as the war shield. They are believed to bring happiness,health, prosperity, and good luck to the owner.

Prayers for survival, spiritual blessings, strong visions, physical protection, and long life go into the making of the traditional Mandala. Honor these truths with your own prayers - and when you look upon your wall, and find your eyes drawn to your personal Mandala - Creator can whisper, and empower you with inner strength, humility... and peace.

"We Are All One People"

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