Leather Belts

Leather Concho Belts Buffalo and Indian Nickels & Unique Buckles

Cactus Mountain Designs is excited to offer you a wide variety of beautiful full grain oil tanned Latigo leather belts and concho belts! These belts are hand made with the finest Latigo leather on the market. Our leather belts are thick heavy weight belts. One piece, solid leather construction gives them toughness, flexibility and a natural luster that gets better with age!

Our hand made leather belts are constructed with the best Latigo leather available. They are tough, flexible, and pliable, with a natural luster that only improves with age. One-piece, solid leather construction. The highest quality and incredible durability. Hand crafted in USA. Every belt is individually made to order by experienced leather craftsmen. If you are tired of your belts falling apart, then upgrade to one of the best American made belts you will ever own. Buckles are put on with Chicago screws which allows you to easily switch buckles if you like. Plain small simple buckle available upon request!

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