2 Strand Beaded Bracelets

2 Strand Beaded Concho Bracelets with Bone Beads

2 strand beaded conchos bracelets with cow bone and buffalo horn beads with authentic buffalo head and Indian head nickels or, our unique conchos hand crafted in the USA with a Native American and biker spirit. Each bracelet comes with two snaps making the bracelet slightly adjustable. If you require a larger or smaller size, please pick the closest size and let us know exactly what size you need in the comment field at the end of the checkout process.


  • Handmade one of a kind
  • Hand crafted in the USA
  • Choice of conchos or, nickles
  • Choice of bead color
  • Two snaps for adjust-ability
SKU: BR-2 Strand Bracelet
Price: $24.95