Silverado Medicine Bag

Silverado Medicine Bag Templar Cross Concho Tea Cow Bone Beads

The Silverado medicine bag is handmade in Nashville Tennessee. It blends soft deer skin with a beautiful Templar cross berry concho authentic tea stained cow bone beads along side red glass and metal beads. It is adorned with a huge variety of charms including a cactus, guitar, love, cross, feather revolver and more! There is a Velcro closure which will keep your treasures safe. The pouch itself measures 2" x 2.75" and comes with a 28 inch adjustable deerskin tie.


  • Handmade one of a kind
  • Long leather fringes
  • Hand beaded
  • Heavy leather construction
  • Clips onto your belt loops
  • Adjustable strap
  • Optional charms
SKU: MB-Silverado Medicine Bag
Price: $124.95