Women's Leather Halter Tops

Women's Leather Halter Tops Handmade with Fringes, Conchos and BeadsWomen’s leather halter tops handmade one of a kind fringed deerskin halters beaded with conchos, buffalo and Indian head nickels. Hand crafted in only the finest materials and made in the USA with a Native American and biker spirit. Custom made with cow bone beads or, buffalo horn beads, buffalo and Indian head nickels or, our unique conchos. Our unique collection of custom made leather Halters is a harmonious blending of techniques, textures and colors. Glass beads, bone pipe beads, hand-lacing, fringe, semiprecious stones, gold and silver metal conchos, snaps and buttons are applied with designer precision to both state-of-the-art and classic high quality leather.

Our tailored, body structuring silhouettes provide an overall look that is equally at home in motorcycle rallies, (such as Sturgis, Laughlin and Daytona) Western horse shows and Rodeos or to wear for an evening out on the town. Also, ideal for musicians stage clothing! Whether you are a Rock and Roll musician, Biker or average person our Halters are handmade and built to last.

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