Enter Cactus Mountain - Manufacturers and retailer of the finest in custom hand crafted men's and women's leather clothing, jewelry and motorcycle apparel and accessories.
Cactus Mountain Rock n Roll & Biker Accessories
Cactus Mountain Rock n Roll & Biker Accessories
Cactus Mountain
Cactus Mountain
Cactus Mountain
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Cactus Mountain Rock n Roll & Biker Accessories

Cactus Mountain - Manufacturers and retailers of the finest in custom hand crafted men's and women's leather clothing, leather jackets, belts, jewelry, motorcycle & biker patches, apparel and accessories.

Cactus Mountain News & Updates:

New! 6 Strand Templar Belt - Leather Beaded with Templar Concho

It's time for Sturgis again! We will be set up at 1056 Main Street and hope you will stop by and say hello!

74th Anniversary Sturgis Rally 2014 in Meade County, South Dakota. August 4th - 10th 2014

For more information go to: http://www.sturgis.com/

New items...










New! 6 Strand Templar Belt - Leather Beaded with Templar Concho

Oct. 19th


New! 6 Strand Templar Belt - Leather Beaded with Templar Concho

Our Finest! - Six strand beaded belts with Templar concho and elaborately decorated buckles are hand crafted in the USA with a Native American and Biker spirit. Whether you are a Rock and Roll musician, Biker or average person our belts are handmade and built to last...

Biker Belts | 2 Strand Belts | 3 Strand Belts | 4 Strand Belts






Rodeo Clown Skull PatchSkull Soldier PatchPirate Skull



Just in... NEW Skull Patches added that will scare the crap out of you!

Biker Patches Cactus Mountain Patches Harley Davidson Cactus Mountain Patches Patriotic Patches  Cactus Mountain Patches Tab Patches

Eagle Patches  Cactus Mountain Patches Military Patches  Cactus Mountain Patches Ladies Patches

Christian Patches  Cactus Mountain Patches  Funny Tab Patches  Cactus Mountain Patches  Lethal Threat  Cactus Mountain Patches  Native American





Red Leatherette Rhinestone Flip Flops

Aug. 28th - Sept. 2nd


Cactus Mountain will have a full booth at the 110 year anniversary of Harley Davidson at the Milwaukee Harley Davidson!

Milwaukee Harley Davidson
11310 W. Silver Springs Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53225



Fleur De Lis Rhinestone Flip FlopsRed Leatherette Rhinestone Flip FlopsTotal Rhinestone Flip Flop



Mama needs a new pair of shoes... Flip flop shoes that is!

New line of Leatherette Rhinestone Flip Flop women's shoes adorned with beautiful rhinestones printing and conchos in ladies sizes 6-9




Zombies Eat Brains, You Are Save My Parents Said I Could Become Anything I Used To Have Superpowers



Two pages of NEW Funny Patches added that will have you in stitches!



Cactus Mountain Patches Funny Tab Patches 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  Cactus Mountain Patches




Republic of Texas Biker Rally



June 13th-16th We sill have a booth at the Republic of Texas Biker Rally which celebrates it's eighteenth year in Austin this coming June. Owned by locals Jerry and Colleen Bragg, ROT combines the best in live music entertainment, specialized vendors, professional attractions, celebrity guests and all things motorcycle.





Two new concho chokers and two new bracelets added...


4 Strand Breast Plate Choker

4 Strand Breast Plate Choker



New 6 Strand Choker

New 6 Strand Choker


8 Strand Rose Bracelet $89.95

8 Strand Rose Bracelet $89.95

8 Strand Templar Bracelet $99.95

8 Strand Templar Bracelet $99.95


Two new concho replacment and craft American Indian Head & Buffalo nickles.


New Skull Patches just in time for the holidays...

American Indian Head Conchos

American Indian Head Nickle Conchos $4.95


American Buffalo Nickle Conchos

American Buffalo Nickle Conchos $4.95


Conchos >

Viking Skull Patch
Viking Skull Patch  
PPA6535 6" $12.95

PPA6539 12" $34.95


Clown Spade Skull Patch
Clown Spade Skull Patch  
PPA6600 5" $7.95

PPA6607 11" $29.95 11" $29.95


3 Skulls Patch
3 Skulls Patch  
PPA6443 5" $9.95

PPA6447 10" $29.95

New Skull Patches >

Archived News 1 | 2

At last! Here at Cactus Mountain we have the wardrobe trunks in the back seat of the Caddie and are ready to present our first interpretations of wearable art. We have chosen to offer our unique collection of coats and jackets in an harmonious blending of techniques, textures and colors. Glass beads, bone pipe beads, hand-lacing, fringe, semiprecious stones, gold and silver metal conchos, snaps and buttons are applied with designer precision to both state-of-the-art and classic high quality leather, suede and Sterling Silver.

Our tailored, body structuring silhouettes provide an overall look that is equally at home in motorcycle rallies, (such as Sturgis, Laughlin and Daytona) Western horse shows and Rodeos or to wear for an evening out on the town. We will be adding to our matching accessory line of purses, pouch bags and skull caps in the near future with items such as chaps, hair ties, hip wraps, skirts, belts and more.

Announcing our new line of very high end hand crafted Leather Jackets, Fringed Halter Tops, Fringed and Hand Beaded Leather Bags & Purses as well as Hats and Skull Caps. These are top of the line men's and women's finest quality leather apparel and unique patterns. Decorated with beautiful conchos, fringes and hand beading. All hand made in the USA with more styles to come very soon.

Desiree just signed as a writer for Sharp Objects Music Company!! "Our clients are songwriters. Our job is to represent their work to the people who make the decisions to use songs on recording projects, or in film or television"

Cactus Mountain has won a couple of Awards for "Cool Site" from American Steele.net and "Hot Site" from Babes Hawg.com! Many thanks go out to these outstanding sites and their owners!!!

A brand new line of Hat Bands have been added to the exquisite line up of hand made products from Cactus Mountain. Made with our 100% assurance of quality and satisfaction our Hat Bands are beaded with leather strands and embellished with your choice of Conchos.

We have just added a new section of "Dream Catchers & Medicine Wheels" as well as two more pages of American Indian and South Western "Greeting Cards" Also, we have added a line of "Vinyl Decal Stickers" in your choice of three colors.

Cactus Mountain creates hand made fine crafted Biker wear as well as Native American Indian inspired crafts, country western, Cow bone & Buffalo horn leather belts, jewelry, concho earrings, Indian and Buffalo head nickel jewelry, motorcycle & biker accessories, apparel, chokers, turquoise, sterling silver, earrings, boot straps, halters, key chains, hat bands, pouch bags, vest extenders and much more. You may have seen our hand crafted accessories and Rock band stage wear at Harley Davidson swap meets, bike week, bike rally's, Sturgis, Four Corners, American Indian Pow Wow's, Myrtle Beach, Laconia, and Laughlin. All types of Musicians and Rock n' Rollers love our handcrafted guitar straps and accessories. Heavily influenced by the great tribes of the Lakota Souix, Navajo, and Zuni Indians.

Cactus Mountain has a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with any of our products.

Cactus Mountains Life Time Product Guarantee: If it breaks, we will fix it and you only pay the postage.


We honor your investment!

Cactus Mountains Life Time Product Guarantee: If it breaks, we fix it and you only pay the postage.

If your size changes, Cactus Mountain will re-string your belt for a minimal fee.

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Live to ride, ride to live!

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CactusMountain.comCactus Mountain designs are hand crafted in Nashville, TN. by local artists and should not be considered to be made by Native American Indians rather inspired by the art and culture of the American Indian.

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Buffalo Cross Choker CH/BC $79.95 Cactus Star Choker CH/CS $79.95