Fringed Breast & Beaded Plate Choker

Men’s and Women’s Choker Size Chart

Fringed Breast & Beaded Plate ChokerChoker Sizing: (estimated)

  • Small: Fits a 12 ½” to 13 ½” neck
  • Medium: Fits a 13 ½” to 14 ½” neck
  • Large: Fits a 15″ to 16 ½” neck
  • X-large: Fits a 16 ” to 17 neck

Men’s and women’s choker size chart to determine which size is right for you! We want you to be happy with your choker so, the right size will help.

For other sizes larger than 17″ or smaller than 12 ½” please put neck measurements in special comments section of the order form for custom sizing

Note: You can always wrap a string around your neck and measure it with a ruler to get an accurate measurement.

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